Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Easter

The girls were pretty spoiled this year with three Easter egg hunts. Fortunately, the candy somehow disappeared and we managed to make it through without too many sugar crashes. Here are some pics from our Easter events. Here we are Egg dying with cousin, Giselle. I found a couple of great tips online, first, to use puppy pads (for potty training puppies) for easy cleanup for spills. It worked great, we laid it across our dying surface and it soaked up the spills right away. Second, to use a muffin tin for drying eggs. We still ended up putting some in the carton because each girl had her own segmented carton, but it just gets soggy with the dye that drains off of it.  Maybe next year we'll have a muffin tin for each girl to put her eggs in.  I liked the idea, because it'll drain off into the tin without getting the carton soggy.

 Serious hunting...

 Face full of anticipation
 I found an your basket

"Let me know when you find them all, I'll be on the slide" - Grace

 I can't even remember what bossy comment she was saying, and frankly I don't know if I even heard her over my laughter at her expression. The hands-on-hips stance is getting more frequent around here.


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