Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School

Here she is - my big Kindergartner, Hope. Yesterday was the first day of school, and Hope had been excited all summer long to be starting Kindergarten. For the last week she has been counting down days, we picked out her outfits for the week, and then it finally came. She was a little reserved when I dropped her off, but with a little coaxing (and no tears) she went her way. Day two went just as smoothly today and I think this is a good way to start the school year. Hope is attending Kennedy Elementary, the very same school her daddy went to, so that's pretty exciting for her too. Her sweet teacher even sent home a little crafty poem for the parents on the first day that might have needed their own comfort too (something going along with a bag of tea). Now if I can just get used to getting my own self to bed at a reasonable time so I can be ready for morning, we really will have a good year.