Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Do Believe in Fairies

It turns out that raising three little girls takes up more time and energy than a mission around the moon and what I'm left with at the end of the day is about enough to eat a bowl of ice cream and watch a favorite tv show without falling asleep 50% of the time. Writing a journaling blog of the cute things those girls are doing just hasn't made the cut of things to get done in the day. Then so much time passes that it's just embarrassing to write something and try to cover all that you've missed. So, I'll work on mostly current, and try to keep up.
Early in October Disney released Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue. This movie entered our home and immediately captured Hope's heart, which in turn captured Andrew's heart as well. On their next walk to the lake
near our home, they found branches and leaves and flowers and made a Fairy house. Soon our home was overrun with Fairy houses as well. Not long after that, Grandma Dori bought three fairy dresses and Andrew wanted to surprise Hope with hers down at the Lake (by their Fairy House) and then in turn have her find dresses for Joy and Grace in our own yard. Here's the note that Tinker Bell wrote:
I had a clever Halloween costume for all the girls, but Hope had become so enraptured with Tinker Bell that she started telling her preschool teacher that she was going to be Tinker Bell for Halloween and the rest is history. So, for Halloween, Hope was Tinker Bell, and Joy and Grace were also Fairies - I think Hope called them Rosetta and Silvermist. We had a Halloween party with the local twin mom group and I think half the party was made up of Fairies. Our cousin, Giselle, even ended up in a fairy costume when we went trick or treating on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. I don't know how long the magic of fairies will last, but it's delightful to see Hope enjoying something with her sisters.
"Multiples" of fairies
(terrible background editing, but a cute shot with all the girls)
Ready for the some trick or treating
After Piedmont Avenue activities, enjoying our loot
Speaking of Hope and her sisters - they mimic her so much. Today she was clever enough to stand on a basket and plop herself into a chair. Immediately, both Joy and Grace had to try the trick as well. Just yesterday, Grace mastered clearly saying, "Hope." They are all three growing so fast. It's hard to keep up.