Sunday, May 8, 2011

Changes in the Girls' Room

Last month we made some changes in the Girls' room, the most noticeable one was a bunk/loft bed for Hope and the twins. I had been looking at this bed about a year ago, and happened to think about it again and looked on Craigslist at the right time and found an amazing deal that I couldn't pass up. So, here's the Doll House Loft bed. The twins sleep on the bottom, and Hope loves her Big Girl bed on the top. I love that everyone is excited about their own bed, not that I don't make visits when getting girls settled down. 

Here's Hope peeking through her top bunk window.
Here are all three girls up on Hope's bunk.
And here's the other change I made.  Hope has her own dresser and that's fine for her.  For a while, with the twins clothes, I had three large baskets and I would simply sort their clothes into tops, bottoms, and pajamas. But then I felt like I was looking for things within the baskets a lot, or I'd find one top from a set, but not the coordinating top for her sister, which is frustrating when you know you have it.  So, thanks to Janine (another twin mom friend of mine) who said she hung all her twin's clothes up in sets, I was inspired to do the same. Things are a lot more organized and easy to find coordinating sets. Although, now Joy and Grace think they get to have more input in what they wear and try to pick things out without considering mommy's selling points, such as, how easily can they take off these clothes or will their knees get skinned up at the park in this outfit? Skinned knees have been a more frequent occurrence lately and create a lot of drama because neither Joy nor Grace wants to wear a band-aid, and they both can't handle seeing the boo-boo and persistently try to pull their clothes down to cover it. If they're wearing a dress, they're pulling it down every time they sit down.  I made the mistake of dressing in Joy in short pajamas one night forgetting about the boo-boo and had to go change her into pants because she was so distressed that she couldn't pull her shorts down to cover the boo-boo on her knee.