Thursday, January 3, 2008

Chinatown with the Southwicks

Our friends Jan and Dan and their 7-week-old, Lily, came down from Sacramento and we took them to Chinatown in SF for their first time. We visited typical Chinatown shops, like a family-owned kite store, a Bonsai store, and even a fortune cookie "factory" seeimingly manned by one old Chinawoman at a fortune cookie "assembly" line (the "tour" was free, but a picture was 50 cents - pretty amusing).
On our way back to BART, we stopped by the West-St. Francis. They happened to have San Francisco's largest sugar house. I wanna make a gingerbread castle like this! (P.S. if you have any tricks to get Hope to look at the camera, especially when I'm not taking the picture - send them my way).