Thursday, November 20, 2008


I figured if I don't post some Halloween pics soon I'll start getting harassed by my more faithful blogger friends. Anyhow, Halloween was pretty simple. We meant to do more, but Hope took a late nap and we missed Trick or Treating at the Hub. We did go to our ward's Trunk or Treat which was enjoyable. So...we actually still have the Yoda costume that Hope was last year (sorry Sarah)...and well, she hasn't grown a whole lot, and I almost thought of just doing that again for sheer laziness. But when I tried it on her, it didn't even last two minutes before she wanted to take it off. So, our back up plan was a fairy princess with a cute dress that was given to us and we haven't gotten much use out of it. When we added wings, it made a cute fairy princess...or fairy? Hope didn't actually want to wear the princess crown or carry the wand that we had...and we barely got a couple of shots with her actually wearing the wings. I think by the end of the evening she did get used to them. She was very interested in Kelvin and his siblings' trick-or-treating pumpkins and even before the candy was in it, he wasn't happy letting her play with it. He did make a handsome Captain Hook though. I did get Hope to say a slight version of "Trick or Treat" as we went to the cars, and when she realized she was getting candy, I think she got more interested in the whole activity. There's also a shot here of Hope enjoying her loot from the evening. (You can almost see the thought process going on...
"He's got more pumpk
ins than he needs...let me slip over while he's not looking..." "Hey, little girl, did you think I wouldn't notice?")