Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Christmas Trees

No, that's not a typo, that's correct. This year we got two matching trees for Christmas. We were planning on getting our Christmas tree after our ultrasound, and the news we discovered was how Andrew decided we needed two "twin" trees. It was fun to decorate both trees - not too bad for "unbreakable" ornaments - a necessity with a toddler. So, our trees aren't identical, but from our ultrasound we don't know if the twins are fraternal or identical. We do know we can expect two little girls and that they are in separate sacs - which I believe increases the odds that they are fraternal, but if the splitting that occurs with identical twins happens early enough, then they could still be in separate sacs. Next year Andrew thinks we might need three trees, one for each child...and on and on as our family grows. This could get out of hand if we actually reach our original goal of eight kids.

Christmas Traditions

Last Sunday we made Gingerbread Houses. Unfortunately Hope fell asleep, but she was still impressed with the fruits of our labors. Maria and Adam made one house together, Andrew made a house, and I made a house too. Can you guess which is mine? Do you have a favorite?

This year I wanted to do start an advent calendar with Hope - but something she would enjoy, and not just because candy was involved. I actually didn't put any candies in these, but it could be an option next year, we'll see. Anyhow, I found this idea online to use a 24-cup mini-muffin tin. So, I cut my circles out, decorated with stickers, laminated, and put magnets on the back. Inside each cup I put an activity to do and a Christmas book to read. Some of our activities that we've done or will do include visiting a retirement home, going to the Creche Exhibit, going to the Sing-Along Messiah, watching the Survivor Finale with family, going to a tree lighting among others. Some are things that are routine and probably gonna get done anyway, like taking holiday pictures with her cousin or stamping and mailing Christmas cards (at least I aim to get those done)...and some days I admit we've just read the book because of tiredness. Anyway, I liked the idea of the circles being magnets for each day, and then they turn into an ornament that can go on this Christmas tree I made for the refrigerator. Hope loves magnets anyway, so she's enjoyed putting the magnets on. Also, for an extra step of fun, I wrapped each day's book - and she's LOVED the unwrapping part.

Happy 2nd Birthday Hope!

We had three fun celebrations for Hope's birthday. We celebrated with the Compton's during Thanksgiving. Then we had the Ringlein's over for another celebration. Then, we celebrated with friends at the Zoo. We played Nursery Rhyme Pictionary at the Ringlein celebration, and it was pretty hilarious how few the guys' team knew. We had a great time!


One present that Hope enjoyed was a baby doll. She has very much gotten into babies...which hopefully means she'll be a great big sister. However, cousin Joe also was pretty impressed with one of the dolls, Hope had to keep getting it back from him.Hope's present from Grandma Dori was a kitchen. Aunt Maria got her the culinary attire and she had fun playing pretend.Here's Hope and her playgroup friends, Lily and Karina, whose birthdays are just a few days before.
At the zoo, Hope enjoyed the sites with her buddy, Luke.

Dickens Fair

One of my favorite traditions over the past few years has been attending the Dickens Fair. I love the music, dancing, attire, smells, sights, sounds...all of it! This year my sister and I enlisted my mom to make us costumes. It was so much fun (well, fun for me to wear a costume, maybe not fun for her to sew it). Although, I must say, that getting around in a hoop skirt wasn't the easiest thing. My mom was so sweet and made Hope a darling dress as well. (Yes, there is a not-so-flattering picture of myself here, but I wanted to show off how full my skirt was).