Monday, May 21, 2007

May's Discoveries and More

I know, I know...we need to update this more frequently so we don't have to do one big long post.
This month, Hope went to her first concert - Vienna Teng, and then the next week went to another concert, Celtic Woman, with Grandma Linda (and mom and aunt) for Mother's Day. There's a picture at the latter concert - it was a little warm, so it's nice that as a baby, Hope can cool off.

We visited the Filoli estate for the Spring Floral Show which featured beautiful arrangements throughout the lovely home. Here's a picture of Katie and Hope on a stoop.

We visited our friend Becky, where we made backyard discoveries and enjoyed checking out the flowers and trees and here's a picture checking out the fountain.

We went to a Volunteer Tea at Grandma Dori's school, where Grandma Dori got to show off her newest granddaughter to co-workers and friends.

We had a Primary Campout in the Park one afternoon where the primary kids did some cleaning up, games, sang camp songs and even made s'mores.

And the final picture is our most fun discovery this month - feet. This month Hope has really enjoyed finding her feet, playing with them, bringing them to her mouth, trying to pick things up with them - she loves her feet!