Monday, May 26, 2008

How to get ink out...

Hope, like most kids, likes to draw. Hope, like most toddlers, doesn't always render precise control over drawing instruments. As such...when I did not take the ballpoint pen out of her hand promptly, it ended up on her darling dress, the first time she wore it. Thank goodness for the internet - the solution I found that I hadn't heard before was nail polish remover. The instructions that I followed were:

  1. sponge the stain with water to first remove as much ink as possible
  2. allow spot to dry
  3. apply nail polish remover (it suggested to back side of stain, but as the dress was lined I couldn't do that)
  4. blot dry (it said to use a clean terry cloth washcloth - I just used a paper towel)
  5. apply laundry pretreatment
I circled the ink in red, the pen she used was actually black, and I took this picture after step one - sponging the stain with water, so it's a little faded from the initial stain.
Okay, so there are wrinkles - but no evidence of the ink. Success!

Note: As I'm writing this Hope is eating cherries in a white shirt...okay, so I'm not the smartest mom (live and learn, right)...and I'm thinking I'll be looking up a new stain soon.