Monday, June 4, 2007

Mr. Mom and more...

So I had a dentist appointment and asked Andrew to babysit. The picture below is what I came home to - Andrew's idea of babysitting.
We've also been getting swimming time in at the swim club. Hope has really been enjoying the water!
Hope just started eating solid food last week. So far it's rice cereal, but we'll be trying new things soon. I think the wide-eyed look is more from the camera flash than the experience of eating.
Happy Memorial Day - we joined some friends for a barbecue. Here's a sunny family picture.


east coast bosleys said...

Hope is getting so big and so cute! We can't wait to meet her! We're so excited for some good games and good conversation when you come!!! So, is Andrew going back to long hair???

Stephanie said...

Oh come on. Give Andrew some credit... that cat totally had him pinned down!