Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Midsummer Night's Dream

For Andrew's birthday, we had A Midsummer Night's Dream party. There was mixing as guests tried to guess the Fairytale name on their back. We played Imaginiff with Andrew, where guests decided what fit Andrew best (i.e. if Andrew were a dog would he be a 1)Dachsund 2)Golden Retriever 3)St. Bernard 4)Rottweiler) and if Andrew got it wrong, then he had to put a marshmallow in his mouth and keep it there. He was a good sport, holding a total of six marshmallows in his mouth at the end. Our finale of the evening was scenes from Shakespeare where guests could pick a scene from a Shakespeare play to improv and ham it up. Probably the most amusing scene was Andrew as Julius Caesar being murdered by a light-saber-holding Brutus.