Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband, Andrew. I'm so glad to have been blessed to raise three beautiful daughters with a sweet and intelligent man. Here's the breakfast I made for Andrew, next to his favorite, root beer.  The tie pic in his hashbrowns is a free printable from Shindig Parties.   
 I saw this clever idea online at Oopsey Daisy Blog to make "pop" wrappers for the soda-loving daddies. She had a printable Coke wrapper that was inspiring, but Andrew is more of a root beer fan so I decided to do my own version. 
 The Nutrition Facts I adopted from Oopsey Daisy, she did them so well. 
If you started your family in 2006 (the A&W logo says "since 1919", so we changed ours to since 2006), you're welcome to use this file. We used the mini cans (we found ours at Target). You can download it here


Andrew Bosley said...

Angela! You are so amazing and clever! And to do all of that with 3 toddlers/preschoolers?! You put me to shame :) Hope you all are well!
love ya!

Alison@Oopsey Daisy said...

This is SO darling!! I love your Root Beer version SO much!! Thanks for leaving me the link! Hope you enjoyed a very Happy Father's Day!

Eric, Kelly, Tyler, Xander, and Liam said...

Angela, I came across your blog while looking up ideas for my twins dr. seuss birthday party and saw that you also had the same theme for you girls. Your family is so beautiful. Congrats! I hope you guys are doing great, Kelly West(Mahaffey)