Friday, January 22, 2010

Once there was a Snowman

Just before the new year, we went to the snow for Hope's first time. Max and Ruby live in the snow, Dora Saves a Snow Princess, even The Little Einsteins visit Mount Everest. We needed to show her some real snow. The drive was long there and even longer back with Hope saying, "I wanna go home," and us replying "yes, honey, we're going home" until she finally gave in and went to sleep exhausted. It was worth it for Hope, she had a good time experiencing snow, sledding a little (very little), and building a snowman.

Hope and Andrew were playing a little game together and this just caught his expression perfectly.

This caught the babies expression perfectly and how they really felt about snow. Note to self: carrying two babies in snow suits is hard. They can't bend their bodies to do their normal monkey cling to your body. Balancing two babies on a sled is an easier method to move them, but just as hard to try and keep them from eating snow.

This was the beginning of their snowman, and had I not been occupied with holding babies, I'd like to think that I would have shown him how to really build a snowman, but still it's an 'A' for effort. I love that Hope and Andrew have identical expressions in this picture, she's her father's daughter.

Just trying to keep everyone from crying.

The snowman got a little more life when they added a face and arms. Next time Andrew says we will remember the carrot.

This week has been a crazy weather week. I've enjoyed the storms that have come in this week. We've had a little lightning and thunder, a couple of rainbows, and today, yes, snow.

We even got ambitious and built our little California snowman. We even had a carrot!


Lizabeta said...

I L.O.L'ed several times in that... monkey babies and California snowmen!
fyi... no snow in Eugene. What's up with that?