Friday, June 26, 2009

Seattle and Family pics

I can't believe how fast time flies. I started this post, and then some babies probably started crying and I never got back to it. Having two little babies can be demanding - I love them so much, but it's exhausting and some days I feel like I'm either holding them or feeding them all day long. Hope is so patient and very helpful as a big sister. She loves cuddling them and laying down with them - she can hardly wait until they really can play more interactively with her. I feel like the babies are good for the most part, but they take turns being colicky or gassy.

Last month we went to a beautiful wedding in Portland for my high school friend, Margie. So we debated the different methods of traveling there and ultimately ended up driving for its cost-effectiveness. Going there was pretty simple, we stopped every few hours to feed the babies and it went pretty smoothly. After the wedding we drove the remaining few hours to Seattle to visit our friends, the Lewis'. Vicki is a very talented artist and photographer, and it was generous of her to offer to take our family photos. A few of my favorite shots are below. It felt like old times (before kids - other than the struggle to get the two-year-olds to bed that disrupted our evening) as we chatted and played games with them and we had a really great visit. The Lewis family is a good example to ours and we're happy to have kept in touch with them. We naively decided to take the return trip in one jaunt and had a much tougher time on the return. I think we were all more ragged from the journey and the final three hours of the trip we all just wanted to be home. We definitely want to go again, but maybe we'll take two days each way for traveling.


Andersons and sons said...

Hi Angela,

I finally got a chance to get on here and check out your blog!!! It is so awesome!! I really think your friend did a great job on the photo's they are super cute!!

Aida said...

Beautiful photos of your pecious daughters. What wonderful memories. Love them.