Monday, February 23, 2009

Tea Party Shower

So, I've had mixed feelings about having a shower for a second and third girl. One the one hand, I do have plenty of Hope's clothes that will work just fine for Grace and Joy (have we mentioned that's what we're naming the twins?). But on the other hand, it's fun to celebrate the birth of any child. So, with another playgroup friend of mine, Mimi, that is pregnant too - we decided to have a playgroup tea party shower for each other. It was a small and simple shower, but mostly fun to just get together. Mimi did a wonderful job on the food, and I got to take care of the fun stuff I like to do anyway, like decorations and favors. Here are some pics from the occasion below.

Thanks to my mother-in-law for her fun teapot collection.I had a fun time coming up with and making these favors. Tea bags seemed the appropriate favor. I used a shipping label (since I have a bunch of extras) to make a tag for each of the tea bags, with a picture I came up with resembling Mimi and I. It said "Babies are Brewing" and then the whole Mimi and Angela's Baby Shower and the date, etc. Then I made these boxes out of scrapbook paper, I liked the idea I found online to cut a window in the front, and I taped cellophane inside so you could peek in at the tea bags.
Lily and Hope had fun with their own tea party.
This is Mimi and me (I must not have heard the "smile at the camera" cue) opening one of the essential presents - diapers and baby wash. (Thanks, Megan!)

Just in case you felt like you didn't get a good enough shot of my belly - I really do have one (an ever-growing one). I'm measuring about 37 or 38 weeks (depending on who's measuring)...and Hope was born at 39 weeks, so I figure I'm almost as big as I got during my entire first pregnancy.


Vicki said...

What cute favors! I love the "babies are brewing" idea.
You are looking great.

Aida said...

Angela- you are ever so creative! You look beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of Grace and Joy. Hope looks as darling as ever!