Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Hope!

We had three fun celebrations for Hope's birthday. We celebrated with the Compton's during Thanksgiving. Then we had the Ringlein's over for another celebration. Then, we celebrated with friends at the Zoo. We played Nursery Rhyme Pictionary at the Ringlein celebration, and it was pretty hilarious how few the guys' team knew. We had a great time!


One present that Hope enjoyed was a baby doll. She has very much gotten into babies...which hopefully means she'll be a great big sister. However, cousin Joe also was pretty impressed with one of the dolls, Hope had to keep getting it back from him.Hope's present from Grandma Dori was a kitchen. Aunt Maria got her the culinary attire and she had fun playing pretend.Here's Hope and her playgroup friends, Lily and Karina, whose birthdays are just a few days before.
At the zoo, Hope enjoyed the sites with her buddy, Luke.


Vicki said...

Hope is such a cutie... I can't believe how real that baby doll looks... what good practice for the soon to be big sis