Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Baby Gap

Well, it's been a while since I've posted and that's probably because we've just been mainly hanging out and going with the flow. If I posted what's new, it'd probably be a pair of boots that my character in World of Warcraft just got...but that would bore most of you.

So, our playgroup went to have Valentine's pictures taken, and if you ever want a challenge, try to keep four toddlers happy and looking at the camera. Not an easy task, and apparently one we didn't achieve. But they printed this picture out in a large frame and someone came by and said it looked like Baby Gap. We've got representation from various ethnicities in our playgroup, so it does just about look like an ad. Here are our cuties.


Paulson Party said...

I seriously thought your little girl WAS in a baby gap ad when I saw that picture! They were doing calls for new baby models a few months ago, so it seemed to fit. :)

By the way - Steve's a WoW addict - you guys should hook up with him on there some time. :)

John, Christina Zohner & Glende said...

Cute picture-I like how all the kids are smiling! (I bet if there was a picture of the parents they would all have the perma-grin on!)

Anonymous said...

Cute Picture! We're back in the US for a couple of months so maybe we'll try to give you a call to catch up.