Sunday, December 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Hope

Hope turned one on Friday. We had a party combined with a couple of playgroup friends with a fun, ladybug theme. Hope enjoyed herself and loved playing with all the kids.We did a Korean tradition where you put a tray of symbolic items in front of the child to see which item they will pick to predict their future (i.e. a jar of rice meant she'll never go hungry, a ribbon represented a long life, a pen means she'll be a scholar). We added a couple of items more geared to our family - a piano for musical , a chess piece for a grand master, and a poker chip representing a poker player. Andrew was pleased that she picked the chess piece (though she almost reached for the basketball - what would we do with a basketball player in our family?).I think Hope enjoyed her first cake and joy of getting her face messy. Although, in retrospect, red icing makes a messy face look a little gory.This shot just looked like pure mischief and I had to throw it in. Hope has mastered climbing up the stairs - though not climbing down. We think she's real close to taking her first steps - she's doing real well at pulling herself up on things and using furniture to walk along and even turning around and grabbing another support method...just not venturing those solo steps.


maren bosley said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Hope is SO darling--way to go with the future chess master! We love you guys!

Catherine said...

I can't believe she's 1 already! How time flies. I love that idea of putting items in front of her. I was routing for the piano, though. How cute she is

Robert & Heather Stephenson said...

Happy Birthday Hope!!! Looks like the party was a hit. Yes, we've tried the red icing before as well. Never again! I think I ended up throwing those clothes away.